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Pursuit of new Suzuki Karimun, enough eating time and energy. Not without reason of OTOMOTIF hunts always ‘ tiger ‘ one was, because since its(the apparition is first time ( 1999) until 2006 has not experienced drastic perubahaan ( model total change)…

Very only happened addition of variant ( GX and DX) by 2003 then. In year this is informed its(the figure blows hot and cold. So, like does process penguakan of city car which very possibly named this Karimun Estilo since 2006 then, corrects reading just of the pursuit sample.

Have been since beginning of 2006 OTOMOTIF got news if Karimun will change has just in 2007. Initially have time to think if substitution of Karimun was Wagon R with ubahan machine thus 1100 cc hypodermic

OTOMOTIF have time to get spy shot Suzuki MR Wagon or Zen ( India). In this article we think if this car also will go out in Indonesia besides Wagon R.

A few months have time to lose this new Karimun news. After small talk kesana-kemari, finally at March 2007 returns to earning 3 goods news the problem of new Karimun. Firstly, new Karimun simply non Wagon R but the its(the substitution the MR Wagon in photograph spy shot then. Second, its(the name Karimun Estilo and last uses machine 1100 cc type F10D 4 cylinder 16-valve hypodermic.

Thursday, 15 Marchs 2007, OTOMOTIF returns to aims at new Karimun. Its(the case, when is looking for parking car in Wisma Indomobil, sees as of car figure in cowl in parking floor 4B. After come near and sees left and right, OTOMOTIF dares opens the cowl. Eh, eh, eh, simply blue MR Wagon! Without babibu, digital camera on-hand directly works.

Only having tubing 5 day after getting the photograph, OTOMOTIF is being reportage duty towards unintentional Bandung sees directly black having colour new Karimun in turnpike Cikampek. Its(the kayak sih again test walked by two people. Whew, just direct of Suzuki APV ridden by us ( with friend fotografer) pursues and tries comes near to take moments which enggak may be overcome.

Its(the nighttime as of return from Bandung ( 20/3), confirmation direct Joko Utomo, 4W marketing-brand 1 deputy general manager PT Indomobil Niaga International through its(the ponsel. There, s(he can no longer slap down new Karimun news is being test that and its(the name news Karimun Estilo.

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