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Running Cars With Water

Years ago it was a huge argument whether cars can run with water. The unstoppable increase in fuel prices opened a door for us to find alternative resources for running our cars. Fuel prices are cutting our budgets so we must somehow lessen expenses and resort to alternative means. Water4Gas is an invention that uses hydrogen from water to combine it with gasoline. This can save money since a car will not be running solely on gasoline.

Hydrogen is not abundant, but it can easily be extracted from water. A car converted to run with water can save fuel consumption for up to 50%. According to researches it increases the engine efficiency and reduces the temperature slightly. It also produces cleaner combustion effective for the environment and can increase a cars mileage.

The process does not require water to replace gasoline, but to work with gasoline. A car still needs to be fueled with gasoline, but the burning process will be altered through the use of the device. Hydrogen is extracted from water through the attached device and is injected to the engine’s inlet manifold through hydrogen injection system. This produces hydrogen enriched gasoline which is the substitute. Mostly air/fuel ratio can reach up to 30:1 that gradually decreases the temperature of combustion leaving a small space for Nitrogen Oxide.

To process the extraction of hydrogen from water, the device is powered with electrical charges coming out from the car’s battery. Converting a car to run with water requires only a little modification on the engine and a bit on the fueling system. This is what car manufacturers are opting to with their newer designs.

During the earlier years of development, many were doubtful if the process of extracting hydrogen from water will work for cars. Studies were conducted to determine the impact of hydrogen enriched gasoline on vehicles. This includes the research conducted by NASA in 1969 which in turn shaped the idea that hydrogen can be a supplement for gasoline.

The popularity of Water4Gas devices began when fuel prices were at its peak. Some resort to converting their cars engine to take hydrogen enriched gasoline in order to save fuel. That prices of the device then was considered expensive since production was less. Today this device can cost for as low as $100 which is a better investment as it goes longer on your car rather than spending those dollars on gasoline alone.


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