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Calcium Hazard and Prostate Cancer

According to a new study, male adults who have excess calcium in their bloodstreams are at a greater jeopardy of developing deadly prostate cancer.

Fundamentally, calcium is the source which operates various parts of a human body. Calcium plays a significant role in the process of electrical, nerve muscle, and heart muscle transference.

The imbalance in the level of calcium in blood can lead to various ailments. If the level of calcium in blood is less than 7 milligrams per deciliter, it can induce hysterical muscular upheaval or reductions. And, excess of calcium by more than 14 milligrams per deciliter can lead to coma. Hence, it is strongly recommended to control the level of serum calcium in the blood.

There is a small connection between calcium in the diet and calcium in the blood serum. But, doctors have recommended that people shouldn’t trim down their normal nutritional consumption of calcium.

Studies also show that adult males who consume more than the standard amount of serum calcium are more inclined towards the jeopardy of lethal prostate cancer. This fallout holds the theory that high consumption of serum calcium such as high serum parathyroid hormone adds to the hazard of deadly prostate cancer.

Both calcium and parathyroid hormones are identified to prop up the increase of prostate cancer cells.

Various drugs are used by patients suffering from high level of parathyroid hormones and chronic kidney diseases and thus, can be utilized to cut down the level of calcium and parathyroid hormones in the blood.


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